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The Void

About this competition

The Void uses the absolutely non-standard Great Plains option set, which sets your robot free in a large, unknown territory. Feel free to explore it, but don't think that you can ever fill it. Beware of the natives; their intentions are unknown.

The following options are changed vs. the RC3 Standards:

  • Field size increased to 60
  • Limit of 160 bots per player
  • Timeout increased to 120'000
  • Number of allowed tasks increased to 3
There are also some minor timing changes: Basic creation time was increased to 180, but per-bank time was reduced to 18. Scan and FarScan are much faster, Move is also a bit faster.

Simulation starts every 15 minutes, so join in now!

About RoboTourServ

RoboTourServ, the RoboTour competition server, allows you to easily test your programs. Each program you submit will be run against the current top programs several times and a chart list will be compiled from the results.

Instructions and rules

To submit your program, click on "Browse..." and select the desired ROB file from your harddisk (you have to set the file filter to *.* in the file selection box). Test your program before you submit it! If a program can not be assembled, the server will simply delete it without further notice.

Important: if you upload a newer version of a program which is already on the server, please use the same filename! Otherwise the server will keep outdated information about your program and possibly block several chart entries with the same program.

Read the FAQ before you ask questions about the scoring system. By uploading a file, you agree that your program may be included in a program collection or offered for download.
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The Void

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