RoboTourServ Competitions

The Void
The Void uses the absolutely non-standard Great Plains option set, which sets your robot free in a large, unknown territory. Feel free to explore it, but don't think that you can ever fill it. Beware of the natives; their intentions are unknown.

The following options are changed vs. the RC3 Standards:

  • Field size increased to 60
  • Limit of 160 bots per player
  • Timeout increased to 120'000
  • Number of allowed tasks increased to 3
There are also some minor timing changes: Basic creation time was increased to 180, but per-bank time was reduced to 18. Scan and FarScan are much faster, Move is also a bit faster.

Simulation starts every 15 minutes, so join in now!

The RoboCom World Cup
The RoboCom World Cup uses the RoboCom 3 standard options ("RC3 Standards") and is the world's best meeting place for RC3 robots. In this competition, you can use all the new RoboCom 3 features: extended instructions, multitasking and defines. You need RoboCom Workshop to develop robots for this competition.
The World Cup Eternal Competition
In the World Cup Eternal Competition, all robots ever uploaded to the World Cup fight against each other. Thus, the results truly show how good each robot is against any kind of competition, and not just how good it is against the robots that happened to be in the charts when it was uploaded.
All robots that are uploaded to the World Cup will be added to the Eternal Competition automatically, but it will take some time to simulate all the encounters. Please be patient while waiting for the results - it may take up to two days until they are ready.
The RoboCom Second League
The RoboCom Second League is for beginners who don't make into the World Cup yet. It uses the Classic RC2 options.
Missingno.'s Random Competition
Missingno.'s Random Competition uses an absolutely random optionset, which is generated befor the simulation of every bot uploaded. That means, the bot fights the charts with his 'own' random.rco.

The following options are changed:

  • all fast instructions (i.e. jump, comp, etc.) have a random timing value between 1 and 10
  • all slow instructions (i.e. create, initial trans, etc.) have a random timing value between 10 and 100
  • Timeout at 100000 cycles
Missingno.'s Alternate Competition
Missingno.'s Alternate Competition uses the absolutely non-standard MAC options. (Note, however, that an Apple® computer is not required to simulate them.)

The following options are changed vs. the RC3 Standards:

  • MaxGeneration is now 3
  • Increased MaxTasks to 5
  • All first robots are mobile
  • Field size increased to 20
Furthermore, there are some minor timing changes: Move is as fast as Turn (8 cycles), FarScan is fast, and RTrans is now slower than Trans.